It begins with the whole notion of mutual respect and it flows through the professional nature of the escort to client relationship.

And it becomes a set of general rules and procedures that must be followed for each meeting. Please make sure that you have read and understood these prior to making a booking with Jenna.

Please note that these rules are there for both her safety as well as your own.

Deviation from these rules will affect how the dates works and a complete breach of any rule will result in immediate termination of your date.

The primary goal of any date is to have fun. But the goal should also be to have that fun in a safe and respectful environment.

Like most professional escorts, Jenna is very conscious of making sure that there are no surprises (except positive ones) in any date. And the best way to make sure that her clients know what is expected of them, is that all new clients review and agree to the rules on the right.

By making a booking with Jenna, you confirm that you have read these rules and agree to adhere to them.

Jenna's Rules


Personal Hygiene.

"Hygiene is extremely important in all aspects of our appointment. Jenna will come to you with fresh breath and freshly showered and you should do the same."

The Money Rule.

"Her rates are not negotiable, so please don't waste your time together attempting to negotiate.
Please have the agreed amount in an envelope in a very visible location that she will see immediately upon her arrival. After introducing yourself, then excuse yourself to wash your hands for a moment. Do not make reference to the envelope or its contents at any time during your time together."


"Please stay within the boundaries of your engagement. There should be no reason to attempt to negotiate this unless you are looking to increase the duration of the appointment and have already placed the extra payment in the envelope."


"Please avoid explicit language in your communications with Jenna when making your booking. Remember at all times that her rates cover her time and are not an offer of sexual favors. Anything that does happen will happen between consensual adults of mutual interest."

Age Rule.

"Like most girls Jenna is the the first to admire a "fit" male partner but please be roughly height to weight proportionate and before retirement age.

The typical age range that she is most comfortable with is 35 to 65. Exceptions to that are rare."

Her Different Looks

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