Booking Packages (2017)

You are pushed for time but are looking for a brief rendezvous to help you forget your worries for a while. Take a lunch time break or an early evening escape with Jenna and make this a moment to remember..
Dinner and Drinks, open conversation and laughter, and then adjourning afterwards to a quiet place where two people can let their minds and bodies meet on a more personal level..
Too many nights become a blur to where the importance of having a stand-out night can be what helps to define your year. Such an evening with Jenna marks your calendar as one night you will never forget.
The true girlfriend experience where we spend the day in each other's company, perhaps some sight seeing, or catch a game, or attend a social event. But all along knowing that at the end of the day awaits pure paradise in the company of The Special One - that's Jenna!
Ready to hit the road for the weekend and looking for the right person to share the experience with? A weekend with Jenna carries all the thrills and excitement of being with a vivacious and intelligent young woman, as well as the caring arms and shared joy of a no-strings-attached girlfriend.

A La Carte!

Very Important!

Please make sure that you have fully read up on the etiquette!

Don't make a booking request unless you understand and agree to Jenna's Rules.

Make sure that you are booking Jenna far enough in advance to allow verification!

She will not see anyone who she has not fully verified, so please allow at least a few days in advance of your preferred date!

Jenna's rates are non-negotiable.

Please avoid the temptation to try to negotiate... if money is that important to you, seek another escort, please!